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Smart technologies – Smart Touch

As part of the project Smart Home Models in VET 12.1.2023. representatives of the Smart Touch company visited us. Automation engineer Zvonko Pejaković gave a lecture on smart technologies, their implementation and the projects the company worked on.

During the lectures, students and teachers had the opportunity to hear and see what possibilities smart technologies offer and get to know them more closely. Using technologies such as KNX and Control4, it is possible to automate and optimize all segments in a modern home so that with their help they can make the space more accessible to people with disabilities, safer from risks, more comfortable, and also contribute to a more rational consumption of energy, which is an important aspect of the application of smart technologies.

Since these are open standards, they can implement components from different manufacturers and thus make the systems sustainable in the long term and significantly influence the consumption of electricity both in the household and in various business premises.

He showed finished projects and their functionalities.

Three particularly interesting solutions are T-Com Business Showroom, BRODOSPLIT and the solution for digital marks from the company Shell.

You can read more about the implementation of the solution at the link:

Introductory workshop: Smart home models in VET

After two online meetings, finally the first live project activity!

From 12. – 15. December 2022, a workshop and team meeting was held in Novi Sad as part of the Erasmus+ KA2 project Smart home models in VET.

The hosts of the workshop were professors from the Technical College of Vocational Studies in Novi Sad, who demonstrated their smart house model and its functionality to the project partners. In addition to the workshop, a team meeting was held where the working versions of the project documents were accepted, future activities were agreed upon and members of the working groups were appointed.

Representatives of the Electrical engineering and traffic school Osijek M. Filaković, M. Jukić, A. Hmelina, M. Sabljić and B. Štulić took part in the workshop and team meeting.
After the activities in Novi Sad, representatives of schools from Lithuania and Estonia visited Osijek and toured the Electrical engineering and traffic school Osijek and the new laboratories of the ELPROS regional competence center.

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