Active spring holidays with Smart Home

Several Smart home events took place during the spring holiday in ELPROS.

Two of the student groups participated in the activities regarding Smart home animated video and Small-scale smart home model as well as the group of VET teachers participating in the Smart home National webinar.

On 3rd of April students who were working on the small scale model with the teacher Kristijan Čvek developed model using Arduino components and tested it out. Other student group with their teacher Danijela Ivanović-Ižaković have added new functionalities to the Home Smart Home vied with VR tools.

On April 5th VET teachers had the opportunity to hear about the project and Erasmus+ funding scheme, see the smart home model ELPROS team has developed and it’s demonstration by the ELPROS team teacher Alen Hmelina

Newsletter: Volume 2, Issue 2
Hybrid team meeting Novi Sad-Panevėžys

Another hybrid team meeting was held from March 18 to 20. Some important topics were discussed during the meeting. The project teams worked on finding the best possible way of sharing the results of the project with all those interested in smart technology, the way of teaching students and adult learners. Smart technology is the way to create our sustainable future. The meeting included topics such as: Creating animated content about smart homes for project dissemination and other school activities, organization of National webinars, Smart home open days and Smart home VET net formation.

Newsletter: Volume 2, Issue 1
Smart home models in VET  –  ‘Home Smart Home’ animated short film  

Dear students we invite you to join this activity by suggesting topics and characters for the animated film using the link. Since this video is both learning and promotional material it is vital that topics are relevent to you and your generation when thinking about Smart homes and how is this technology important to you! 

Feel free to suggest your ideas about the topics below or suggest a topic you find important for development and implementation of smart technologies to our homes.

  • Sustainability and ecology – smart technology as a way of making our lives more sustainable and less energy being produced and wasted
  • Helpful tool for people with disability – making homes more accesible and lives easier for people with disability​
  • Energy saving – reducing energy poverty ​​
  • Automating home life
  • Student’s suggesti​on 
Hybrid team meeting

18. 10. 2023. was the last day of the hybrid team meeting!  Three eventful days with a lot of the project activities discussed in two locations simultaneously over the Internet: Osijek Croatia and Panevėžys Lithuania ended with two very interesting presentations. First, we had a chance to see a presentation on recent and innovative Smart Touch projects  which is always great way to check out what is new in the industry.  Other presentation is ELPROS pride and joy; Leon Glogoški and Tomislav Viduman showing off their mobility project results! Students had great support of their mentors at IKNX Ingeneria in Cordoba Spain which helped them to learn valuable skills and share it with us.

Newsletter: Volume 1, Issue 2
Newsletter: Volume 1, Issue 1
Smart home models in VET – Project team meeting in Pecs

Last week from 3rd of April till 5th of April teams from Serbia and Croatia were hosted by Baranya Megyei Szakképzési Centrum Zipernowsky Károly in the wonderful Pécs. During the meeting, teams have presented their smart home model ideas and the progress of the model so far. Especially interesting approach of our Hungarian partners inspired new ideas for application in other VET programs as well since their model offers students hands on approach to learning about home electrical installation and smart homes. Partners from Serbia have presented progress on short education programs. Among other project management topics like budget reporting, newsletter development etc. teams had the opportunity to discuss opportunities and problems in developing cooperation with the smart home industry with  Gergely Kalman, representative of the company Okosotthonlabor. Mr. Gergely Kalman presented his company, smart home technology options they are implementing and discussed possible ways of developing cooperation between schools and the companies.  

More on the company Okosotthonlabor: 

Workshop on Smart home technologies

Interactive workshop on Smart home technologies with Smart Touch! This Monday we hosted representatives of company Smart Touch who prepared a workshop for ELPROS students and teachers. SInce some of our students are going to be working with KNX during their mobilities this was the perfect opportunity to try KNX and Control4 with some hands on activities. Students and teachers learned about the software that can be used, how to create different scenes, how to integrate the systems and tested out the programed functionalities.

More on the company:

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