Types of smart home devices

Technology is present everywhere, in fact, even in our homes where we can create a smart space thanks to technology and devices created for this purpose. Even if you don’t know it, you may have some device in your home that we could classify as a “Smart Home”
To turn your house into a “Smart Home” you need a powerful WiFi connection that reaches every corner of your home, so that the wide variety of devices that exist can be connected to it to be controlled by you from anywhere.

Smart plug

Among the great diversity of devices that are considered to make a home a smart place are smart plugs, which increase the functionality and advantages of our wall plugs.

It is a device that is placed in the wall outlet and allows, once plugged in, to connect different devices. Once the configuration is done, it is when we will really see the potential that these smart devices offer. In general, these SmartHome devices offer different functionalities, such as the following:

Monitor at all times the electrical consumption of any appliance connected to this socket.
Turn off or on from our mobile phone an appliance, lamp or any other device from anywhere in the world comfortably.
Schedule a switch off or on of any device that we have connected to this socket, such as, for example, determining when we want our phone charger to stop powering the battery so that it does not continue charging.

Light bulbs

Who was going to tell us years ago that a simple light bulb was going to become an intelligent product, with a wide range of possibilities for the user. Today and thanks to technology, there is a diversity of models of smart bulbs that can be controlled from our mobile device.

The boom of this type of light bulbs has arrived with LED technology. At the same time that they allow you to save on your electricity bill, they provide you with a series of functionalities, advantages and comforts compared to a conventional light bulb, once connected to your WiFi and configured. We detail some of them below:

Control of the intensity of lighting from the mobile phone.
Schedule for hours when we want a more dim or intense lighting.
Possibility of choosing between a wide variety of colors to illuminate us in different moods or depending on the activity to be carried out

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